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Exploring Engineering Wonders in Downtown Brooklyn: A Neighborhood Adventure for Kids

Posted on March 22, 2024 by WebSiteAdmin
Brooklyn Preschool of Science

Dear Brooklyn Parents,

In the bustling heart of our vibrant community lies an untapped resource that holds the potential to inspire young minds and nurture a passion for engineering and technology – the construction sites shaping our neighborhood. As we witness the constant transformation with new developments, excavators, foundation pours, and innovative materials, we have an incredible opportunity to expose our toddlers and preschoolers to the fascinating engineering world in our backyard. This exploration happens daily at the Brooklyn Preschool of Science and can continue when our children leave the school. .

Children are natural observers from birth, so why not tap into the power of observation? Imagine the excitement in your three-year-old’s eyes as they observe an excavator digging deep into the ground, laying the groundwork for a new building. The construction sites in Park Slope, Cobble Hill, and Boerum Hill are not just about erecting structures; they are living classrooms where preschoolers can witness the birth of architectural wonders. Encourage your children to ask questions and engage with the construction workers. What materials are they using? How does the design process work? These simple inquiries can spark a curiosity that may lead to a lifelong interest in engineering. The Brooklyn Preschool of Science has an inquiry block daily, and you can continue this exploration when you feel adventurous.

The design process is the basis of all engineering projects. Construction sites provide a real-world glimpse into the meticulous planning and design that goes into creating the structures that define our neighborhood. Take your preschoolers on a walking tour around ongoing projects, pointing out the architectural blueprints, discussing the role of engineers, and explaining how every detail is carefully considered. By demystifying the design process, we can instill a sense of wonder and appreciation for the complexity of engineering. You can even incorporate the reading of Icky Peck Architect to get your literacy juices flowing.

BPoS believes in a holistic experience connecting the many learning disciplines. There is no substitute for hands-on, immersive experiences when it comes to learning. Arrange visits to construction sites (safely, of course) or attend community events organized by developers and engineers. Some construction projects may offer educational programs or guided tours designed for children. By exposing our kids to these real-world engineering experiences, we are laying the foundation for future innovation.

Extend the learning beyond the construction sites by incorporating creative activities at home. Encourage your children to build miniature structures using household items, explore architectural design through drawing or modeling, and experiment with simple engineering projects. The goal is to foster a love for problem-solving and creativity – essential skills in the world of engineering.

Amid Downtown Brooklyn’s evolution, we have a unique opportunity to turn construction sites into dynamic classrooms for our children. Make the Brooklyn Preschool of Science experience something that happens outside our school walls. By leveraging the resources within our neighborhood, we can spark an early interest in engineering and technology that may one day lead to groundbreaking innovations from the future engineers growing up right here in our community. Let’s embrace the transformative power of our evolving surroundings and inspire the engineers of tomorrow. This approach is the Brooklyn Preschool of Science way!

Happy exploring!

Carmelo Piazza
Founder and Owner of the Brooklyn Preschool of Science

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