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At what age does the Brooklyn Preschool of Science accept students?

We serve children from 2 – 5 years of age.

What does a Brooklyn Preschool of Science schedule look like?

We understand that every family is unique and with this comes a variety of differing schedules. There are families who work from home, work part time, have a nanny, or work full time. As a result, the goal of the Brooklyn Preschool of Science is to create a schedule that works with you and your families needs. Please go to the admissions form on this site to view the different options that are offered.

What type of school calendar do you offer?

We believe our school needs to follow a calendar that mirrors the Department of Education’s school calendar in regard to holidays and closures. We do not start or end with their calendar. We do this for various reasons, and the most important is accountability. We want you to have a school that you can depend on, and following the city calendar will ensure that we are closed for major holidays and vacations. We also find this helpful for families with an older child attending public school; both children will be off at the same time.

Do you have an open house for registration?

No. The Brooklyn Preschool of Science believes it is important for you to receive individualized attention from the moment you enter our facility. As a result, we meet each family individually for one-on-one tours. This provides you with an opportunity to learn more about us and get all of your questions answered.

Is there space in the program to enroll my child?

We try and keep our admissions process as simple as possible. We follow a first come and first serve format. Tours are generally offered during the months of September through December (though tours happen all year). Starting in mid-December the school admissions coordinator will call you to let you know if an opening for your child is available. Formal observations of your child are not part of the admissions process. If an opening is available, a contract will be created for you to meet your scheduling needs. You and your family will then be a member of the Brooklyn Preschool of Science family. At times, tours are offered after December because there are many moving parts to running a school and if a family were to move we try to find a replacement.

Does my child need to be potty trained?

We do not believe in giving our families any unnecessary stress, so potty training is not a pre-requisite.  We will do our part to assist the child through the process.  The school has changing tables, many child friendly bathrooms, and with consistent reminders we will navigate your child through this process until they are ready to be fully potty trained. 

Is lunch offered at the Brooklyn Preschool of Science?

The Brooklyn Preschool of Science is a peanut/nut free facility.  As a result, to ensure the safety of our students, parents provide lunch on a daily basis.  If any other allergies were to exist in a specific room, other restrictions may be placed depending on the severity of the allergy. 

Do children have specialists?

We bring amazing specialists into our school on a daily basis. These specialists are master innovators in teaching their profession and are amazing at adapting their skill to children ages 2-5 years old. Our specialists for this school year are:

  • Dance
  • NY Child’s Play (drama and theater)
  • Spanish
  • Yoga
  • Science with Carmelo the Science Fellow
Is your staff CPR certified?

Every member of the Brooklyn Preschool of Science staff, from head teacher to assistant teacher are CPR certified. There are also two people who are CPR and First Aid responders present on a daily basis. Safety is paramount and we will always rise above and do more than is necessary to ensure the safety of our students.

How does BPOS communicate with parents?

The relationship between teachers and parents in early education is vital, as effective communication is essential for building school-family partnerships.

To ensure that successful partnerships are being made, open communication between school, staff and families happens on a daily basis. This happens in a variety of different capacities such as:

  • Parents are required to drop off in the classroom so that they are able to see the amazing curriculum that is happening on a daily basis. This also promotes daily communication between staff and families as the teachers are in the room greeting you every morning.
  • All classrooms create an amazing website in which you and the other family members have access to. This website will highlight daily activities, weekly concepts, future events, and most importantly creates a direct link to communicate to the head teacher or other family members.
  • The Brooklyn Preschool of Science offers written report cards and parent-teacher conferences twice a year to review your child’s developmental progress.
  • Friday’s is parents as reading partners, which helps promote and strengthen our school and family partnerships.
Will my child be prepared for primary school after attending the Brooklyn Preschool of Science?

Graduates of The Brooklyn Preschool of Science move on to a variety of public and private schools. The Educational Director of each location communicates to each family the differences between public school, charter school, gifted/talented programs, private school, language immersion programs and more.
We ensure that our families are well informed about the admissions process of these differing programs, so that every parent is able to make informed decisions.

The Brooklyn Preschool of Science receives positive feedback from both parents and teachers that BPOS graduates shine when starting primary school, and are at a significant advantage academically, socially and developmentally. In fact, many of our young scientists go on to pass rigorous entrance assessments into prestigious private schools in the area.

What is your discipline policy?

The goal of the Brooklyn Preschool of Science is to ensure that all children run happily into our school on a daily basis. This will only happen if our school policy is structured in a way that never makes a child feel disrespected. Discipline is a process of learning self-control, respect for others, and responsibility. Utilizing a positive methodology of discipline will be practiced at all times so that children are aware of what is acceptable at our school.
Implementing discipline approaches like Conscious Discipline, The Visible Child, or Choice Words by Peter H. Johnston into our school will result in an amazing school experience. All of our teachers take part in monthly staff development meetings where many of these practices are discussed and then integrated into our school curriculum.