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Thank you so much for your interest in the Brooklyn Preschool of Science, specifically in our infant-toddler program. Below is some information regarding our infant/toddler program and what to expect. I also attached our Infant/Toddler Admission Form to this email, which you can email back to us if you wish to get a head start on enrollment.

We have created a well-balanced, educational, exciting, and safe program for all children ages 12-24 months. Our hands-on, inquiry-based science curriculum for infants and toddlers offers numerous benefits supporting their development and learning. Here are some beautiful ways that these goals are achieved at the Brooklyn Preschool of Science:

Nurtures Natural Curiosity and Exploration

Infants and toddlers are innately curious about the world around them. Our science-based curriculum allows toddlers to explore and investigate through their senses, fostering their natural inclination for discovery. This helps build a strong foundation for lifelong learning and scientific inquiry.

Promotes Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking

Infants and toddlers develop essential problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities by engaging in hands-on experiments and observations. Through firsthand experiences, they learn to ask questions, make predictions, test ideas, and draw conclusions.

Enhances Language and Cognitive Development

As children interact with materials and phenomena, they acquire new vocabulary and concepts related to science. Describing their observations and sharing discoveries with adults and peers supports language and cognitive growth.

Encourages Sensory Integration and Motor Skills

Hands-on activities involve using multiple senses (sight, sound, touch, etc.) and fine and gross motor skills. This multisensory approach aids in brain development and coordination.

Builds Self-Confidence and Independence

When infants and toddlers are given opportunities for self-directed exploration, they gain a sense of accomplishment and confidence in their abilities. This fosters independence and a positive attitude toward learning.

Sparks Interest in STEM Fields

Engaging in hands-on science at an early age can lay the groundwork for continued interest and success in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) subjects as children grow.


BPoS’ hands-on curriculum nurtures crucial skills like curiosity, problem-solving, language, motor abilities, and STEM foundations in infants and toddlers by providing developmentally appropriate, multi-sensory science experiences through play, exploration, and discovery. This approach supports their overall growth and prepares them for future academic success.

Here are some examples of our hands-on, inquiry-based science activities well-suited for your toddler:

Nature Exploration

  • Going on nature scavenger hunts and making nature collages
  • Painting with natural materials like leaves, flowers, etc.
  • Exploring different textures found in nature
  • Planting seeds and observing their growth

Physics Concepts

  • Experimenting with gravity using ramps, tubes, and toy cars
  • Making and playing with balancing toys to learn about center of gravity
  • Creating balloon rockets to see Newton’s laws of motion

Weather and Water

  • Making simple wind chimes and observing wind
  • Painting puffy clouds and hunting for rainbows
  • Walking water experiment with food coloring
  • Rain cloud in a jar with shaving cream and food coloring


  • Baking soda and vinegar reactions, adding colors
  • Making oobleck (cornstarch and water mixture)
  • Mixing colors with milk and soap to see color theory
  • Making homemade lava lamps


  • Observing celery stalks absorb colored water
  • Watching flowers change color by adding food coloring
  • Making edible “butterflies” to learn life cycles
  • Using a DIY stethoscope to listen to heartbeats

The key is providing multi-sensory, hands-on activities that allow toddlers to explore scientific concepts through play, observation, and experimentation in a developmentally appropriate way.

We are happy to answer any further questions you may have about our infant/toddler program and how we inspire our naturally curious students to learn the wonders of science!

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