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V. Nguyen

We found our way to BPOS after our child began resisting daycare. It was clear to us that we could enroll him at any number of options in the neighborhood, and we spent countless hours researching and visiting schools. When we visited BPOS, however, things just clicked: our son loved the environment from the start (what’s not to love about that plant wall, the amazing rainbow light wall and those dinosaurs everywhere?), and immediately responded to the kids and staff that he met.
He is now entering his third and final year at BPOS and we could not be more thrilled with his experience. BPOS has shaped him into an articulate, expressive, confident kid who loves to read, rhyme, learn and teach his parents Spanish and yoga. Each year has been a rapid and profound build on the year before, and we are amazed at the progress in his development, his approach to learning and sharing knowledge, the information he has retained, and most of all the relationships that he has formed with his teachers and classmates.
BPOS has created an environment for education that has completely altered our expectations for how our child should be learning in kindergarten and beyond, and the trajectory of his learning experience could not have more promise. We have incredible partners in his formative education and the staff nurtures each child on their own path to learning. Each week brings new updates and pictures for us – and so much fun for him. As parents we love the science-based curriculum (yes, I’m really using the word curriculum in a preschool context and it’s completely legit) because it ensures that our son is constantly exposed to real-life examples of his school lessons, and it fosters a completely unforced habit of drawing lessons from things that surround us every day. Perhaps the most astounding aspect of this school is that kids here are truly tackling concepts and lessons that parents would expect to see for much older kids while cultivating their social development – all while in an environment that still celebrates and respects their youth.

A. Thanopoulos

My experience at Brooklyn Pre-School of Science exceeded my already very high expectations for this school. With BIG promises of daily hands-on science and a science-based environment (live animals, a growing plant wall, etc.) – this school delivers. My son was coming home singing about hibernation, explaining experiments to his older brothers, and all around happy! There is nothing more important to a parent than to know your child is in the right spot. And from drop off to pick up, I knew we had found the perfect place to send our son as we went off to work. He was part of a community, he was celebrated as an individual (“star day”) and best of all he was learning. I grew up in the neighborhood, and I now raise my family here, and I am so grateful that Carmelo and his staff were the ones looking after my son during such important years of his life – it felt like home. Thank you Carmelo and team!

…The only bad thing about it is that it ends in the 4’s (“fly away little birds”)…All good things must come to an end.

Edward & Jennifer Kartashevsky Brooklyn, NY

Our oldest son was in the first class at Brooklyn Pre School of Science on Wyckoff Street. We were so thrilled to be part of the first families to experience BPOS. I recall seeing the “Jungle Room” for the first time – it is the only classroom we have ever seen with a whole wall of plants and a beautiful skylight to let in natural sunlight for the kids. We kept thinking – this place is really cool!! Three years later our younger son started attending BPOS. In the years that our children attended school there, we did not have a single morning where they did not want to go. We would even jokingly test them and give them the option of staying home, and every time they chose to go to school. The excitement on their faces when they arrived in school was something to be seen and something we looked forward to each morning. From Ms. Debbie and Ms. Lola to Ms Nikki, Ms. Jennifer, and Ms. Camelia, our boys were always greeted with smiling, warm faces. They were all excellent educators, with impeccable communications skills. We were so impressed with the staff and the very thorough emails that would be sent out each week detailing all of the lessons being taught. Our boys loved all of their teachers and learned a lot from them. Our oldest is now in 2nd grade and still fondly remembers his time at BPOS. He went into Kindergarten knowing how to read and write. Carmelo runs a science enriched curriculum at the school. Each lesson is translated into a creative and exciting science experiment, art projects or songs. Carmelo has a gift for teaching as well as engaging these young minds. Our boys would look at him as though he was a superhero. Both of them are now at PS 261 and continue to attend classes with Carmelo at the Cosmic Cove on Atlantic Avenue. We make a daily decision for our children, and some turn out good and some not so good. Without a doubt, this was one of the best decision involving our children that we have thus far made in their young lives.


Just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for an incredible week of camp for Marlon. We were completely blown away by our experience at BPOS. Every single counselor was incredibly friendly and informative and Marlon came home everyday telling us how much fun he had. We can tell this is truly a warm, loving environment and we are so lucky to have experienced the magic.

We had actually found out about the camp program after touring the PS location for our almost 2 year old daughter Luca. I absolutely fell in love with the place but this week has really given us a chance to see how wonderful of a place this truly is that you have created. While she will be continuing on at her previous daycare for next year, I am very interested in her joining you for the 2018-2019 year! We will be in touch!

Thank you and have a great weekend!

Alberto Grazi

Great school for 3 and 4 years old. My daughter had an amazing time here: teachers are talented and offer a large variety of activities to keep kids interested in learning.

Eileen Toffel Fitzgerald

Great educational and fun learning environment being taugh to children and fun teachers.

Ana Maria Currea

This is a great school. The learning environment and curriculum are fantastic (we are at the Park Slope location), you can see that it was designed with the kids in mind. The teachers are committed and very nurturing and make learning fun. My daughter LOVES the science class with Carmelo and I can see how much she has learned since she joined.