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Selecting between daycare and preschool is important as well as difficult decision for every parent. The decision doesn’t only depend on the factor that your kid gets the most out of the program, but it is also important to find something that fits into your schedule. And to help you out, this blog points out the noticeable differences between both of the programs.

Preschool Hours of Operation:

The operation hours of preschool in Greenpoint are quite similar to grade school hours. These schools also prepare the students for grad schools by preparing the kids for the schedule that they would face later in their life.

Daycares don’t have any specific schedule. It means, here the hours don’t schedule with those required by the parents.

Age Group:

The preschools serve the group of toddlers between the age groups of 3-5. But the count often varies depending on the preschool type. And this helps the teachers to plan the curriculum around different age groups, therefore offering
better education.

Daycare centers include kids of different age groups starting from young toddlers to the kids of elementary school age. Therefore, the curriculum of the daycare is less structured and the activities are also adjusted considering the varying age groups of the students

The Curriculum:

The preschool curriculum has numerous benefits. Being the precursor to the grade school, the programs of the academic preschools concentrate more on the introductory skills necessary for entering kindergarten. And the skills that are taught here are highly beneficial.

On the other hand, every daycare in Greenpoint also offers some education to the kid. But these centers mostly work as safe environments where the parents can drop off their kids when they are busy somewhere. These facilities allow the kids to socialize with other kids.

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