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The 3’s and 4’s Program

Our 3s and 4s program is designed with science at the core of an integrated curriculum that encompasses language, literacy, and math. Everything we do is hands-on and inquiry-based. Throughout the year, we introduce new ways of exploring and representing the world, and new ways of working with each other.

Features of our program:

  • A writing area with clipboards for dictating stories and ideas
  • A science area that allows children to explore questions or theories about the natural and physical world
  • Dramatic play, sometimes facilitated with props, teacher involvement, or familiar stories
  • Community meetings, where big new ideas are explored together
  • Jobs and responsibilities for each child to help take care of the classroom community
  • Small groups where children can collaborate and work on developing new skills
  • Larger projects that groups of children develop over time

Monthly themes focus our learning throughout the year:

September: My School and My Friends
October: Autumn Science
November: Living Things in the Neighborhood
December: Properties of Matter
January: Learning to Measure
February: Color
March: How Things Move
April: Plants in the Neighborhood
May: Animals in the Neighborhood
June: Light, Shadows, and Reflections
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